Consulting Services

The CEM specialises in providing innovative and cost-effective safety, health and environmental (SHE) management consultation services of the highest international standard that are relevant to the African and developing-country context.

Consulting Services


What is this service about?

The CEM provides environmental impact assessment (EIA) services to both the private and public sector. The CEM’s approach to EIA focuses on the facilitation of interaction and communication between the client, regulator, other stakeholders and technical specialists. The CEM, in association with our extensive network of specialists, is in the position to streamline projects with multiple authorisation requirements by managing the authorisation processes in parallel.

The CEM provides services in the following fields:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments;
  • Environmental Management Plans;
  • Waste Licence Applications;
  • Water Use Licence Applications;
  • Mining Authorisation Applications;
  • Environmental Management Programmes;
  • Section 24G Rectification Applications; and
  • Public Participation and Stakeholder Engagement.

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