Specific Environmental Sectors or Media

Dangerous goods and hazardous substances management (3 Days)

If you are an operator or manager tasked with appropriately managing significant environmental and occupational health and safety matters related to dangerous goods, this course is for you.

Water quality monitoring (3 days)

If you are an environmental manager, scientist or professional, responsible for the management of water and water-related impacts, this course is for you.

Climate change management

If you are responsible for developing and implementing carbon management and climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives, this course is for you.

Integrated land management

If you are a professional, environmental manager, land management/rehabilitation practitioner, estate managers or regulator that has to conduct assessments, manage disturbed land or undertake rehab …

Ecological rehabilitation and mine closure

If you are a manager, professional or practitioner responsible for ecological rehabilitation and mine closure, or a regulator that must ensure that ecological rehabilitation and mine closure is imp …